Ry's Game 1 Review – Personal (from a fan) observations from the game.


1) Even though all of the shots were not falling in the first half defense was still pretty solid, and during the second half neither were there as we didn't have offense or defense.
2) I don't know if this was a Coach call or a personal call from Luka that he decided not to shoot early and instead looked to set up teammates for a good shot in the first quarter. Maybe he realized during warm-ups or shoot around that his shot was simply off and decided to try and get teammates going instead. Or maybe, it was Coach Kidds call for him to try to pass more early on and get everyone involved more. Either way, this was a mistake as we needed someone to take the lion's share of scoring and to get 25 or 30 points.
3) KP was good all preseason, but tonight his shot was just not falling despite everyone trying to get him going.
4) Obviously, Coach is not going to give up on DP after one game, but if Mr. Single Single keeps this level of play up he does not deserve to be playing. I don't care how much energy/hustle/whatever you bring to the game, if it doesn't show up on the stat sheet at least a little bit you are not worth playing.
5) Tim Hardaway Jr. Needs to go back to his sixth man role as we need a scoring punch off the bench. Maybe swap him with Wright off of the bench?
6) This kind of goes with the last one, and that is our main signing this off-season of the $10 million man looked like a waste of $10 million. So you might need to start him? Because THJ can get 17 off the bench easily, which is what the guy last night starting.

Most of these might be jumping the gun, but they are definitely something to watch in the next few games if things continue to falll flat.