Luka and his three improvements needed to get to the next level


Control is probably the most important and also hardest for him to improve. During the Olympics, he received a few stupid technical fouls that he should have and could have easily avoided. But he is still young, so I can see attitude and that temper toward referees will win the doesn't get the call as being the easiest thing to fix.

Free-throw shooting is probably a close second in terms of being able to fix easily. If I remember right, Dirk used songs in his head while he was shooting free throws to calm himself down or clear his head. Maybe, this factors into control also? As it sometimes looks that he is still heated with the referees or the foul itself, and needs to calm his emotions before taking the shot.

Three-point shooting is a very hard thing to improve on. Like you guys said in the article, maybe shot selection? But most of these are required shots that he needs to be taking, maybe a few of them he can pass for a better look. I said this years ago also, he can try to cut back on step backs and use his court vision and passing skills to find a better look in these situations. In my eyes, when he takes early shot clock step back threes he is playing my shot basketball, in the user looking to pass in these situations.