Is Philadelphia handling the Ben Simmons drama the right way?


Sure, every once in a while Joel or Doc may say to the media that the team needs him to win it all. But most of the time, at least to me, they are saying is the exact opposite of that, like they are trying to push him out. Kind of like what they are doing with withholding the agreed upon paycheck, when I saw earlier on NBA TV that in the CBA the fines are laid out for not reporting (personally I think these are way too small) I can't remember the exact number but it was around 200 K (which is nothing if they are making 30 million on the year). So basically, Philadelphia upped the anti by withholding8 million.

I get this is probably Philadelphia's last chance to call is holdout a bluff, but if he doesn't blink then they arereally in a pickle. Because then the small amount of of trade bargaining leverage that they do have on the other teams asking for Simmons goes out the window and they just have to take whatever they get for him.