Grading Nico Harrison’s first offseason as Mavs GM so far.

Dalton Trigg

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Nico Harrison so far in his first offseason as Mavs GM:

- Traded J-Rich for a young prospect (Moses Brown) on a good value contract
- Added two 40%+ 3PT shooters (and Reggie Bullock can play D too, not really sure about Sterling Brown)
- Re-signed THJ to a good priced long-term deal

Given the mess that the previous front office left for him, I’d say Nico has done well. I’d give him a B- in his first go around since I do believe the team improved overall. And we still have a couple of months for more stuff to happen, so we’ll see where it ends up.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that the Mavs can’t force players to take their money, no matter what Cuban says the main offseason plans are. It’s the unfortunate reality of not being an L.A. or Miami market.


I agree with that grade. One must also remember that he still has almost 2 months until training camp starts and to improve it even more with a secondary ballhandler (that I really don't think is as big of a need as you guys keep saying).


I say C+\B- as well. People bring up our cap room situation next offseason, saying we’ll be in the tax. Well there’s also one easy way to create max cap space too!!!
If Nico is able to flip KP by trade deadline in February, and bring in a secondary scorer/ball handler; then it could easily shoot to an A rating real quick.

Im down to give KP another shot, we have too honestly! But I’m not getting my hopes up even with new staff, think he’ll get injured and under perform once again. Love for it not to be the case but I’m also just being real.


Agree with all that except that the flip KP part.

It would be almost impossible to flip currently. So yes, we have to give it another shot with him. Hopefully,he can raise the value as I doubt it can drop much more! I don't think he can raise it high enough to justify anyone takingg on his contract.


Yeah agree, that’s what I was saying with “we have too!”, because no one is gonna take his contract right now.
We’re just gonna have to keep our fingers crossed with a healthy summer he comes back and kills it.