Game thread: Mavericks @ Raptors (Small Ball)


For a day I was thinking this was going to be an easy one to get us even at 1 – 1, but after seeing the Raptors super small ball team needs showing the Celtics last night my view kind of shifted a little bit and this might be a pretty tough match up.

Will Coach Kidd make an adjustment or keep trying to start a big lineup with KP as the starting 4 and DP as starting 5 against a Toronto team with a starting micro ball group? I don't know actual heigghts, but they run out 2 point guards and 3 small forwards with Precious being there starting 5.

So I am interested to see how Coach responds to this? Will the change the line up based on who we're playing, or will he do a Carlisle and stick with his Twin Towers and not change it up based on who we are playing?