Frank Ntilikina - Thumbs Up or Down?


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Do you approve or disapprove of the Frank Ntilikina signing? It’s a low-risk move, but what are your thoughts?


Great defender. You can always use defense, with 15 guarantees already who do we trade/cut for him? I would take his size and defense over TB.


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Nick, thumbs for me. This is the type of move the Mavericks should make because Kidd is not just talking about playing defense but he wants to back it up. So signing Frank Ntilikina makes a lot of sense. There are 2 people that I would consider cutting that would be Tyrell Terry or Josh Green. You do not cut Burke because he is making too much. It was reported that the Mavericks were trying to trade him. If they wanted to cut him they would have done it in the off-season.