Does Frank resting tonight mean that he is pretty much on the final 15 roster?


As if there was a close race, and he was needing to earn a spot we probably would not be resting him in a preseason game where we get a better look at him. So I am thinking that the 15th spot is a race between Burke, WCS, and Terry.

Obviously, Burke is a guaranteed more money, but you really don't need 4point guards, so he is my front-runner on this list. Terry is in the same spot as Burke, but he is young and still on a rookie contract. WCS is a dark course cut, as we are loaded at the Center spot also. (Plus I would rather keep Boban as I love my boby).

Again, if it was a race or possibility then they would want to play him every single possible minute in the preseason to get a good look at his potential. You don't see teams resting players that are trying to make the team in preseason, you always see them resting players that you know will be on the team for sure.