Does creating holes elsewhere make sense while trading for Dragic?


I think I read somewhere that we have to match 75% of his over $19 million salary. I am bad at math, but let's just guess that is about 16 million.

Dwight Powell – 12 million?
Josh Green – 2 million (on the second year of his rookie contract)
Terry - about 1 million same as Josh
This is what roughly 14 million and then they would want a sweetner ie Jalen, Maxi or Dorian
All with a future first or second maybe multiple seconds

So that leaves you thinking "Is this really worth giving up for a secondary ball handler?"

My answer would have to be definitely no.


I agree, but one would have to think that the first three was the trade offer that Toronto turned down. Meaning, they definitely want some sweetener,

Dalton Trigg

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People think I’m crazy for thinking this, but I’d rather take a flyer on bringing DSJ back for a year than give up young prospects like Terry & Green to bring in Dragic as a potential rental. DSJ was excellent defensively for Detroit as a bench guard last season. Still needs to work on his shot, but he’s still super athletic, young, and I’d rather have him on the roster than Trey Burke tbh. Also, I know from talking to DSJ this summer that he wants a second shot in Dallas.


I don't, I think that is a great that idea, I actually think it's somewhat of a solid plan. I don't remember his defense as being great, but I don't remember it being poor either. I do remember that he did not have a good three point shot but it was at least respectable. I think it would be a good addition especially if on the minimum. Maybe even try our luck and give him on a three year deal for the minimum each year,and it being a nonguaranteed contract for all three years. So if he didn't fit to show any improvement in the role we could cut him with no loss.