Can this current Mavs roster challenge for home court in the West?

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There’s been a lot of negativity surrounding this Mavs’ offseason, and a lot of it is justified given what the expectations were vs. what actually happened (so far at least). However, the Mavs *did* improve by getting rid of Josh Richardson while signing Reggie Bullock and Sterling Brown to fill the role Richardson was supposed to thrive in last season but never did.

So, with all that being said, and assuming this current roster is what the Mavs start the season with, do you think they can challenge for home court in the West? I think it’s plausible. Luka will continue to get better. The team last year, despite battling Covid and having some uninspired play from KP and J-Rich, still found a way to end up as the 5th seed. Kawhi is out for the year, so I think it’s safe to assume the Clippers will take a slight dip. LeBron and AD should be healthy again to start the season for the Lakers, but their entire roster is pretty old, and they don’t have much depth at all. If the Mavs can get any kind of internal growth from guys like KP, Brunson or any of the young guys like Josh Green, I’d feel good betting money that the Mavs will be a top-4 seed in the West this season.

And again, even if they don’t get much internal growth, the team still technically got better with the additions that were made, despite it not being the big signings we were all hoping for. What do y’all think, though?


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I think we do. Sure the improvement that we made was minor, but we were already at six seed last season and that included several stupid losses that shoulda/coulda/woulda been wins. Not to mention that no team that finished ahead of us last season really vastly improved. Most of them just running it back again. Phoenix I don't see them having nearly as good as they did last season. Utah is in the same position as Phoenix, and they chose to run it back, and I don't see them having the same success either. The Clippers lost a few pieces, but are still mainly running it back.

The Warriors may be a threat to knock us down in the standings, but after missing two straight seasons with injuries I just don't see Thompson coming back as what he was. Green, has taken a big step back from the days of the dynasty. Curry, might be the same, but he also might not be as he is a year older.

The Lakers did get better on paper. but there is still only one ball, and how will Lebron and Davis handle Russell and his stats hunting.
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No the Mavericks take a step back. Can you count on Porzingis playing a full season plus the playoffs. Can you count on the new players that were signed in free agency to deliver not just during the season but play a significant part when it matters in the playoffs. It is optimistic to think that they will be the fourth seed. While the Suns & Jazz maybe have the same team they will be way better than the Mavericks. Golden State will be way better than the 8th or 9th seed. The Clippers is interesting because they have made some trades. But I see the Mavericks being the same spot 6th seed or worse depending on how well Bullock & Brown play with this team. It also depends on if the Mavericks make any more moves. Do they trade Moses Brown?