2021-2022 Western Conference Playoff Predictions

Dalton Trigg

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Health could obviously alter these predictions a good bit, but as things currently stand, this is how I see the 2021-2022 Western Conference playoff order playing out:

1. Suns
2. Jazz
3. Lakers
4. Mavs
5. Grizzlies
6. Warriors
7. Nuggets
8. Clippers

I’m just not as high on the Warriors as everyone else is. With Klay having been out the last two years, they’ve gotta prove themselves again now. And Klay isn’t even going to play in the first half of this season more than likely. Lakers are older and have health concerns. Clippers don’t have Kawhi this year. Nuggets don’t have Jamal Murray. The Blazers arguably got slightly worse. After all the Mavs went through last season and still ended up at 5th in the West, I think they’ll take another step this year with Luka having an MVP season and a slightly improved roster around the edges. That’s not saying the Mavs are true title contenders yet… I just think they’ll have a good amount of regular season success at the very least.

Agree? Disagree? Reply with your own predictions!


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I mostly agree. I am not as high on Memphis. Even with no Leonard football season (I think he will play in some) I think the Clippers will finish higher. Last season Phoenix caught lightning in a bottle, like we did in 2011, so I don't really see them finishing at number one either, but they will be near the top. Same with Utah.