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  1. SleepySam41

    The Mavs should retire more key players’ numbers going forward

    From those of us who watched in the 80’s, there was nothing like a Mark Aguirre post up. That big rear was quite a weapon. He was our first credible star, should be in the rafters.
  2. SleepySam41

    Detroit cuts ties with Dennis Smith Jr

    I’m in. Need someone to run offense off bench, should be in the budget.
  3. SleepySam41

    Richardson To Celtics

    Baby steps!
  4. SleepySam41

    Mavs Draft Day Predictions

    My thoughts (and hopes) are either Josh Richardson or Powell are moved for cap relief. it is asking too much for both to be gone. My fear is neither are moved and we are not off to a very good start with the new regime. But it’s just another day.