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    General Mavericks and NBA board is needed for Gamethreads and other everyday NBA discussions

    I know Brunson is in a contract year but I have been impressed with how much better he is playing in the preseason. Hopefully that continues & he will be a key to the Mavericks doing well in the playoffs this year. The 2 signings of Sterling Brown & Reggie Bullock have been good additions to the...
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    Frank Ntilikina - Thumbs Up or Down?

    Nick, thumbs for me. This is the type of move the Mavericks should make because Kidd is not just talking about playing defense but he wants to back it up. So signing Frank Ntilikina makes a lot of sense. There are 2 people that I would consider cutting that would be Tyrell Terry or Josh Green...
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    Kidd has mentioned that he wants to get us playing better defense like the Lakers but

    Can you really do both? Luka actually prefers to play at a slow pace anyway. What Kidd may have been trying to imply is that the Mavericks need to speed up the pace some. When Carlisle was here the Mavericks took to long to get into their sets & they often got shot clock violations. I hope that...
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    The Mavs should retire more key players’ numbers going forward

    Dalton, yes they should. They need to retire Jason Kidd's number especially now since he is the head coach. I would like for Cuban to retire Tyson Chandler's number & Jason Terry's number. J.J. Barea's number should be retired as well. I think Devin Harris should have his number retired but some...
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    Mavs Staffing

    So you don't think that Hartenstein can play the power forward position? Why not? It's the same thinking when people say that Porzingis should play power forward when his natural position is Center. They have no depth behind Kleber. So if Kleber gets hurt you are going to stretch DFS to power...
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    Mavs Staffing

    Nick, no but they got better defensively at the wing position. So it's not just on DFS to guard the best player every night. You also have Sterling Brown & Reggie Bullock to help as well. They still need a secondary ball handler & they are still thin at the power forward position. The Mavericks...
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    Mavs Staffing

    Nick why are the Mavericks not interested in Isaiah Hartenstein? They did okay for their first off-season & no draft picks. I don't really think they were going to draft anyone significant anyways. I would give them a C+ they upgraded the wing position in getting 2 3 & D players so that is a...
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    Can this current Mavs roster challenge for home court in the West?

    No the Mavericks take a step back. Can you count on Porzingis playing a full season plus the playoffs. Can you count on the new players that were signed in free agency to deliver not just during the season but play a significant part when it matters in the playoffs. It is optimistic to think...
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    Lauri Pulse Check

    Well it does not matter anymore he was traded to Cleveland over the weekend.