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    Do you see Frank leap frogging anyone in the rotation?

    I think he easily leapfrogs Burke. Not sure Burke will even be on the team.
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    A “Perfect Storm” Porzingis Trade To Portland?

    I like this trade except for the fact that it still leaves 5 centers on the roster. Seems like another trade is inevitable. And unfortunately, it will likely involve Moses Brown.
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    And there goes our last chance at significant free agent improvement. Nico signs third and fourth tier players early on instead of waiting a week or two. That's about the only difference I can see between him and Donnie.
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    Mavs could be player for DeRozan according to Brad Turner of the L.A. Times

    I've thought from the start that he would be the best fit. A DeRozen + Dragic outcome would be a fine off-season.
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    Mavs Draft Day Predictions

    If there are no plans to trade a current player for a draft pick, how can cap space be created? Just cross our fingers and hope Richardson opts out?
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    Or even a late second rounder
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    Kyle Lowry to the Mavs?

    So is it just a given that the mavs want to go with a three guard lineup most of the time?
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    Shades of Shawn Marion