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  1. Dalton Trigg

    Mavs Step Back Mailbag

  2. Dalton Trigg

    A “Perfect Storm” Porzingis Trade To Portland?

    Today, our guy Grant Afseth wrote about a hypothetical three-way trade involving the Mavs that was mentioned by Bleacher Report recently. I don’t usually like the hypothetical trades BR comes up with for the Mavs, but this one actually makes a lot of sense to me, and it could be the best...
  3. Dalton Trigg

    The Mavs should retire more key players’ numbers going forward

    It’s nice to see teams like the Grizz wasting little time in showing the ultimate respect to key former players. It’d be nice if the Mavs would do the same. Aside from Dirk, there’s a couple of other guys’ numbers that should definitely be in the rafters already in my opinion. Finley, JET...
  4. Dalton Trigg

    2021-2022 Western Conference Playoff Predictions

    Health could obviously alter these predictions a good bit, but as things currently stand, this is how I see the 2021-2022 Western Conference playoff order playing out: 1. Suns 2. Jazz 3. Lakers 4. Mavs 5. Grizzlies 6. Warriors 7. Nuggets 8. Clippers I’m just not as high on the Warriors as...
  5. Dalton Trigg

    Can this current Mavs roster challenge for home court in the West?

    There’s been a lot of negativity surrounding this Mavs’ offseason, and a lot of it is justified given what the expectations were vs. what actually happened (so far at least). However, the Mavs *did* improve by getting rid of Josh Richardson while signing Reggie Bullock and Sterling Brown to fill...
  6. Dalton Trigg

    Grading Nico Harrison’s first offseason as Mavs GM so far.

    Nico Harrison so far in his first offseason as Mavs GM: - Traded J-Rich for a young prospect (Moses Brown) on a good value contract - Added two 40%+ 3PT shooters (and Reggie Bullock can play D too, not really sure about Sterling Brown) - Re-signed THJ to a good priced long-term deal Given the...
  7. Dalton Trigg

    Mavs Reportedly Interested in Markkanen S&T

    “One other team to watch for (Lauri) Markkanen is the Dallas Mavericks. I’ve heard they also have interest, so there’s some sign-&-trade possibilities involving him with Charlotte & Dallas.” — Kevin O’Conner on ‘The Mismatch’ podcast earlier today.
  8. Dalton Trigg

    Raptors playing the leverage game with Dragic?

    Raptors GM Bobby Webster on the Dragic-Dallas rumors: "We entertained it, and we were up front with Goran...We liked him from the start...Ultimately, we want Goran here. I think he's happy to be here." Raptors are playing the leverage game hard here I think. I respect it, but I don’t think Mavs...
  9. Dalton Trigg

    Is Luka Doncic already a Hall-of-Famer?

    Given Luka’s glamorous overseas resume paired with this years Olympics performance and his 2 NBA All-Star and 2 First Team All-NBA selections at age 22… is this guy already a Hall-of-Fame player? We discussed this already back in March, but if you look at all he’s accomplished, it’s getting...
  10. Dalton Trigg

    B/R Predicts Mavs Sign-&-Trade For DeRozan

    Normally I wouldn’t pay much attention to a Bleacher Report “predictions” piece, but the fact that Jake Fischer works for them & has already linked the Mavs to DeRozan before makes this interesting. Fischer has good sources. Maybe this prediction piece was separate from any Fischer knowledge...
  11. Dalton Trigg

    Mavs still have more to do? Sign-and-Trades? Dragic?

    Ok, so far the Mavs have brought back THJ on a really nice value deal now. It's not necessarily a 'discount', but it's good value. THJ is well worth $18M/year. Then they went out and signed Sterling Brown and Reggie Bullock, two guys who can shoot threes at a 40%+ clip and play some defense. So...
  12. Dalton Trigg

    Mavs could be player for DeRozan according to Brad Turner of the L.A. Times

    Although we’ve made the Mavs-DeRozan connection many times via our writing at DBcom & on our Mavs Step Back Podcast, there hasn’t been much talk about that connection in the national media… until now. In a recent post for the L.A. Times, Brad Turner says the Lakers’ trade for Westbrook derailed...
  13. Dalton Trigg

    Mavs end up with Moses Brown in J-Rich trade to Celtics

    The pleasantly surprising Mavs news of the day was that they ended up getting Moses Brown from the Celtics in the J-Rich deal. I was already thrilled that Dallas was able to trade J-Rich for air, so now that they ended up with a young, promising big man on a team-friendly contract, I’m ecstatic...
  14. Dalton Trigg

    Mavs have a real chance at Richaun Holmes?

    Shams reported about a week or so ago that the Mavs would be a suitor for Richaun Holmes. I’ve seen others speculate that he might stay in Sacramento, but then the Kings, Hawks & Celtics just did a three-team trade that landed Tristan Thompson in SAC as “insurance” as Woj put it with Holmes UFA...
  15. Dalton Trigg

    Kyle Lowry Pursuit; Myles Turner Trade More Likely Now?

    Our new episode is up, where we discuss: - Mavs’ inactivity during the draft - Mavs’ Kyle Lowry pursuit & fallback FA options - Analyzing the fits of DeRozan, Ball & others - How a Myles Turner trade could be more doable now - much more! We can continue the discussion here, so fire away if...
  16. Dalton Trigg

    Mavs Draft Day Predictions

    Alright y’all, draft day is officially here. And like I’ve said before, even though the Mavs don’t have any picks as I type this, that can certainly change tonight. Even if Dallas doesn’t acquire any picks, there could still be some trade movement tonight. I believe it was Jake Fischer yesterday...
  17. Dalton Trigg

    Stein: Mavs Pursuing Lowry & THJ Re-Sign Post-Draft

    According to our guy Marc Stein, the Mavs’ post-Draft focus will be to pursue Kyle Lowry while also being able to retain Tim Hardaway Jr. Stein says more is coming from him later today, but the wording “post-Draft” there insinuates that the Mavs will be active in trade talks between now and...
  18. Dalton Trigg

    NBA Draft, Trade Season, Free Agency — Big week ahead for the Mavs

    Ok y’all, this thing is about to come to a head quickly. We’ve talked for for a long time now about how crucial this offseason is going to be for the Mavs. They already made a necessary change at GM by letting Donnie Nelson go and brining in Nico Harrison, a guy who the Lakers and other...