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  1. Dalton Trigg

    Mavs Step Back Mailbag

  2. Dalton Trigg

    A “Perfect Storm” Porzingis Trade To Portland?

    Today, our guy Grant Afseth wrote about a hypothetical three-way trade involving the Mavs that was mentioned by Bleacher Report recently. I don’t usually like the hypothetical trades BR comes up with for the Mavs, but this one actually makes a lot of sense to me, and it could be the best...
  3. Dalton Trigg

    The Mavs should retire more key players’ numbers going forward

    Yes, once a jersey is retired, no one else who comes through the franchise can wear that number anymore. Which is why it’s kinda hard for Kidd & Barea, who had two separate stints with two different numbers.
  4. Dalton Trigg

    The Mavs should retire more key players’ numbers going forward

    I know that was before Cuban’s time with the Mavs, but you’d think he’d be able to look back at how much Aguirre meant to the Mavs and make the right decision.
  5. Dalton Trigg

    The Mavs should retire more key players’ numbers going forward

    Nope! Never did. It’s a shame too. It needs to happen.
  6. Dalton Trigg

    The Mavs should retire more key players’ numbers going forward

    It’s nice to see teams like the Grizz wasting little time in showing the ultimate respect to key former players. It’d be nice if the Mavs would do the same. Aside from Dirk, there’s a couple of other guys’ numbers that should definitely be in the rafters already in my opinion. Finley, JET...
  7. Dalton Trigg

    2021-2022 Western Conference Playoff Predictions

    Health could obviously alter these predictions a good bit, but as things currently stand, this is how I see the 2021-2022 Western Conference playoff order playing out: 1. Suns 2. Jazz 3. Lakers 4. Mavs 5. Grizzlies 6. Warriors 7. Nuggets 8. Clippers I’m just not as high on the Warriors as...
  8. Dalton Trigg

    Can this current Mavs roster challenge for home court in the West?

    Didn’t see this. Good to know. Do you have a link by chance?
  9. Dalton Trigg

    Can this current Mavs roster challenge for home court in the West?

    There’s been a lot of negativity surrounding this Mavs’ offseason, and a lot of it is justified given what the expectations were vs. what actually happened (so far at least). However, the Mavs *did* improve by getting rid of Josh Richardson while signing Reggie Bullock and Sterling Brown to fill...
  10. Dalton Trigg

    MAVS Featured NBA Opening Week and Christmas - National TV schedule

    I’m glad the Mavs are getting Christmas Day games now, but man… they went from playing LeBron’s Lakers in the primetime slot last season to playing the Jazz during the night cap this year. I’ll take it, and I’m sure it’ll be a great game, but it feels like the NBA could’ve done better with that...
  11. Dalton Trigg

    Grading Nico Harrison’s first offseason as Mavs GM so far.

    Nico Harrison so far in his first offseason as Mavs GM: - Traded J-Rich for a young prospect (Moses Brown) on a good value contract - Added two 40%+ 3PT shooters (and Reggie Bullock can play D too, not really sure about Sterling Brown) - Re-signed THJ to a good priced long-term deal Given the...
  12. Dalton Trigg

    Mavs pivoting to Dinwiddie?

    I wish this would’ve happened. Makes me upset that the Mavs didn’t have much interest in Dinwiddie, but it could’ve just been that Dinwiddie didn’t have much interest in Dallas & wanted to be the main ball handler.
  13. Dalton Trigg

    Does creating holes elsewhere make sense while trading for Dragic?

    People think I’m crazy for thinking this, but I’d rather take a flyer on bringing DSJ back for a year than give up young prospects like Terry & Green to bring in Dragic as a potential rental. DSJ was excellent defensively for Detroit as a bench guard last season. Still needs to work on his shot...
  14. Dalton Trigg

    Mavs Reportedly Interested in Markkanen S&T

    “One other team to watch for (Lauri) Markkanen is the Dallas Mavericks. I’ve heard they also have interest, so there’s some sign-&-trade possibilities involving him with Charlotte & Dallas.” — Kevin O’Conner on ‘The Mismatch’ podcast earlier today.
  15. Dalton Trigg

    Detroit cuts ties with Dennis Smith Jr

    I can’t give details, but I can tell you that the Mavs don’t have much interest in a reunion at this time. At least as of two weeks ago. Maybe that changes given how free agency has gone & DSJ being an inexpensive familiar secondary playmaker option. Fwiw, I think he’d excel in a bench role this...
  16. Dalton Trigg

    Raptors playing the leverage game with Dragic?

    It’s all about opportunity when it comes to trades. I realize that going the free agency route might not ever work for the Mavs when it comes to landing a big name, but for trades all it takes is good timing. Ready to see how Nico approaches trades.
  17. Dalton Trigg

    Raptors playing the leverage game with Dragic?

    Yep, and again, it’s a tough situation. Because yes, they could *really* use Dragic, but I’m sure Masai Ujiri is wanting to be well compensated since he knows Dallas wants him. Like we know he’s not trading Dragic for Powell & Burke straight up for sure. And J-Rich was so bad last year & such...
  18. Dalton Trigg

    Raptors playing the leverage game with Dragic?

    Raptors GM Bobby Webster on the Dragic-Dallas rumors: "We entertained it, and we were up front with Goran...We liked him from the start...Ultimately, we want Goran here. I think he's happy to be here." Raptors are playing the leverage game hard here I think. I respect it, but I don’t think Mavs...
  19. Dalton Trigg

    Is Luka Doncic already a Hall-of-Famer?

    Given Luka’s glamorous overseas resume paired with this years Olympics performance and his 2 NBA All-Star and 2 First Team All-NBA selections at age 22… is this guy already a Hall-of-Fame player? We discussed this already back in March, but if you look at all he’s accomplished, it’s getting...
  20. Dalton Trigg

    Almost Slovenia

    It was a treat be able to enjoy my morning coffee & watch that game right before I had to go to work. Wish Luka had taken the last shot, but his wrist was hurt from earlier in the game. Still, I had visions of him winning it at the buzzer with a jumper over Gobert. Ahh well. Heck of a run for...