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  1. MavsFanRy

    Game thread: Mavericks @ Raptors (Small Ball)

    For a day I was thinking this was going to be an easy one to get us even at 1 – 1, but after seeing the Raptors super small ball team needs showing the Celtics last night my view kind of shifted a little bit and this might be a pretty tough match up. Will Coach Kidd make an adjustment or keep...
  2. MavsFanRy

    Ry's Game 1 Review – Personal (from a fan) observations from the game.

    1) Even though all of the shots were not falling in the first half defense was still pretty solid, and during the second half neither were there as we didn't have offense or defense. 2) I don't know if this was a Coach call or a personal call from Luka that he decided not to shoot early and...
  3. MavsFanRy

    General Mavericks and NBA board is needed for Gamethreads and other everyday NBA discussions

    Just for us everyday fans to pose questions about random stuff or praise random things about the Mavericks. This season starts in a little over a week and we will need a place for game threads also. Just a few examples, where do we post random topics about the preseason so far with the Mavericks...
  4. MavsFanRy

    Does Frank resting tonight mean that he is pretty much on the final 15 roster?

    As if there was a close race, and he was needing to earn a spot we probably would not be resting him in a preseason game where we get a better look at him. So I am thinking that the 15th spot is a race between Burke, WCS, and Terry. Obviously, Burke is a guaranteed more money, but you really...
  5. MavsFanRy

    Is Philadelphia handling the Ben Simmons drama the right way?

    Sure, every once in a while Joel or Doc may say to the media that the team needs him to win it all. But most of the time, at least to me, they are saying is the exact opposite of that, like they are trying to push him out. Kind of like what they are doing with withholding the agreed upon...
  6. MavsFanRy

    Do you see Frank leap frogging anyone in the rotation?

    I would say yes. If he has a good training camp and the defense is that good and really impresses, he can. But who? My best guess is Burke. His salary makes him a somewhat easy dump;. It all comes down to what Coach likes more than defense from Frank or the spark plug shooting from TB? I...
  7. MavsFanRy

    Luka and his three improvements needed to get to the next level

    Control is probably the most important and also hardest for him to improve. During the Olympics, he received a few stupid technical fouls that he should have and could have easily avoided. But he is still young, so I can see attitude and that temper toward referees will win the doesn't get the...
  8. MavsFanRy

    Kidd has mentioned that he wants to get us playing better defense like the Lakers but

    This worries me. Luka plays at a fast-pace and not really a half-court guy even though he can. Most teams, when they talk about focusing on Defense, tend to slow the pace down significantly. I am worried that if we slowed the pace down it will hurt Lukas or rather throw him off his game.
  9. MavsFanRy

    I thought we also brought back WCS?

    Not seeing in mentioned lately in your articles about who we added?
  10. MavsFanRy

    According to this Yahoo writer Luka is not even a top 22 PG this season

    It is probably some local beat writer/fan that wanted to get whoever the PG was from their local/favorite team ranked as high as possible. So they just forgot about or left out on All-Star and MVP candidate. Think they are right?
  11. MavsFanRy

    Should we offer Jalen a reasonable extension?

    Or do we gamble on him being an RFA and most teams passing him up knowing that we will match? That option can be dangerous, because then a team wanting him may overpay him and try to force our hand. Knowing that our starting PG is on a super Max and we might not match a high offer they in the...
  12. MavsFanRy

    Who are the 3/4 offof the bench?

    Assuming DFS/Maxi or the starters. I can't think of any other on the team. (I consider DP A five at the end of the bench)
  13. MavsFanRy

    Luka is so good that despite a crappy off-season we ranked ninth in Yahoo's off-season power rankings

    With only two very minor additions and subtracting Josh. I guess Josh was that bad of a fit here.
  14. MavsFanRy

    What about Frank Ntilkina?

    He is a free agent still I think? New York|has renounced his rights I think also. Good size. The rest I don't really know, I'm assuming a decent passer and a good defender. I think he is a negative shooter though. But he is young and international so that as a secondary ball .
  15. MavsFanRy

    Who would you rather offer 1+1 full MLE to? Dennis or Lauri?

    If we didn't have KP already underachieving on a Max, I would vote without queestion Lauri. With that said though, don't need 2 +7' in the starting five that are bad rebounders and defenders. If we didn't have KP? Then it is a no-brainer that we go for itwith him. So I am guessing (hoping) we go...
  16. MavsFanRy

    Does creating holes elsewhere make sense while trading for Dragic?

    I think I read somewhere that we have to match 75% of his over $19 million salary. I am bad at math, but let's just guess that is about 16 million. Dwight Powell – 12 million? Josh Green – 2 million (on the second year of his rookie contract) Terry - about 1 million same as Josh This is what...