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    Frank Ntilikina - Thumbs Up or Down?

    Do you approve or disapprove of the Frank Ntilikina signing? It’s a low-risk move, but what are your thoughts?
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    Ben Simmons in Dallas?

    Would you consider trading KP for Ben Simmons?
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    Mavs Staffing

    Mavs have had quite the offseason in terms of their re-org and new staff hires. Have you guys been happy with these signings?
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    2021-2022 Western Conference Playoff Predictions

    I generally agree. I’m not as high on the Grizzlies, but solid list!
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    Lauri Pulse Check

    It’s been a bit since I’ve asked — Lauri Markkanen is still out there as a guy that can be acquired. How does he fit with KP on the roster?
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    Paul Millsap?

    It appears Paul Millsap could be signed for cheap. Would he be a good veteran pickup for the Mavs?
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    Luka’s Presser

    Who tuned in for Luka’s presser this morning that was streamed on the Mavericks website? Did anything that was said stick out?
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    Luka Taking Step

    How much better has Luka gotten this summer? I think he’s taken yet another step..
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    Mavs Reportedly Interested in Markkanen S&T

    It’s a no brainer. Especially since he’d be KP insurance.
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    Raptors playing the leverage game with Dragic?

    In my opinion the Mavs are only a smidge better now than they were last year. If the roster stays as it is now, they’re banking on KP having a breakout.
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    Late Free Agency Moves

    Of all of the FA’s left on the market, who would you like to see on the Mavs?
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    Is Luka Doncic already a Hall-of-Famer?

    I think the answer is yes.
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    Bobby Portis Was on Mavs radar

    Before signing an extremely team-friendly deal with the Bucks, the Mavericks offered Bobby Portis. How would he have fit?
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    Favorite FA signing thus far?

    What’s been your favorite Mavericks free agent signing? What’s been the most surprising overall signing?
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    With free agency underway, the Mavs have re-signed THJ and Boban. In terms of new faces, Dallas has signed Sterling Brown and Reggie Bullock! Brown and Bullock both shot better than 40% from deep last season.